WEB32 isn’t your typical corporate network event. But instead completely community driven.

Our team consists of people with different backgrounds and skills, yet with the same drive to build together on the new iteration of the internet, known as Web3.

The team met and assembled through a growing (Belgian) community of digital creators, developers, consultants and researchers (on the topics of blockchain and nfts), who have a thorough understanding of the real ins and outs of this new digital domain.

We work together in an open and decentralised way, are willing to share information, are connected to important key players in the field and - most importantly - want to build sustainable digital applications that benefit everyone.

  • Meet experts, entrepreneurs & other web3 enthusiasts
  • Discover blockchain applications
  • Experience the technology first hand
  • Connect with creators & community
  • Find digital talent/a job in web3
  • Expect the unexpected ;)

Open your mind and step in the immersive digital realm. Other rules apply here. Experience life in the metaverse first hand.

Installations by:

VR Experience

Meet experts to guide you, find partners to work with, run into NFT collectors to talk to. There's a lot of building going on in the Web3 space.
Join us and let's build together.


Belgium houses some of Web3's leading companies and start-ups. So meet our partners and people supporting this space. Get to know their services and discover what value they could provide for your business or project.

Local heroes
Local Heroes

Ready to take
the leap?

Are you unfamiliar with these concepts? No worries!
We’ll bring you up to speed through curated content on our LinkedIn + in our Twitter Spaces (link to program) beforehand. Have a read/listen and you’ll be prepared to explore the full potential of web3 at WEB32.

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