LouLou João

Visual Artist


Loulou João is an Afro Belgian visual artist. Due to her mixed roots, she developed an interdimensional worldview. Because of this, she approaches political, cultural, socio-economic and historical aspects of the white world in an analytical way. Investigating how whiteness as a default and the perceived superiority thereof is upheld and how it affects her own identity and position within this societal setting.

Caroline Bosmans

NOTHING TO SEE HERE started from the idea of participating in trade shows with an installation instead of the collection. The VR experience gives an inside view in a part of the
designer’s head. At CAROLINE BOSMANS they want to create a universe. CAROLINE BOSMANS is giving shape not just to clothing, but to characters. To the future. And to the
people who define it.

Together with the skills of MATTHIAS BERGHMANS, it became the most unexpected and bespoke booth of the fair.

The world may be full of idiots, but innocence is not dead. And if you want proof, look no further, and take a look. There you’ll find it alive and kicking. Screaming at the top of its
lungs. With the carefree abandon – and cause-free rebellion – of youth. Drowning out all the hate. Washing away all the bullshit. And in its place, championing the superheroes of tomorrow.

Stijn Orlans

3D Artist


Stijn is a 3D artist and electromechanical engineer from Belgium. He started working with 3D in 2016 and at the start of 2022, he decided to quit his job as an engineer to pursue his own journey as a 3D generalist. For a few years, he specialized in colorful architecture in dreamlike environments, but he has shifted his focus to a broader spectrum of styles and themes. Some of his clients include Martin Garrix, Cirque du Soleil, Tom Scott, Adobe, ELLE Germany, Real Engineering, Gemini, Don Diablo, and more. He has also been active in the NFT community since 2021.

Sarah Mayer

AR interaction art


Born in Germany in 1990, Sarah completed her Bachelor in Fashion and Design in 2015 in Amsterdam. During her studies, she interned for the renowned Belgian Fashion Designer, Walter Van Beirendonck (Member of the Antwerp Six) in 2013 and won the Lectra Award for her Hyper Craft collection (digital fashion minor) in 2014. Her work is further influenced by her experience on film sets, as costume designer (Holiday on Ice) and studio manager for a Couture House in the years after her studies.

For the past three years (2019-2022), Sarah has shifted her focus entirely towards the Digital World. Her Digital masks, partly available as Augmented reality experiences (on InstagramSnapchat and Tiktok), keep fashion at its core while not aiming to be fashionable. Instead, the designs question what fashion can become with a different medium. Sarah has exhibited her work at the Wunderwall.xyz exhibition inside the Plus One Gallery (Antwerp, Belgium) in 2022, the Screenwear exhibition at the Design Museum Den Bosch (Netherlands) in 2022 as well as the ASIAN FRONT ART SHOW (Osaka, Japan) 2022-2023.


Digital fashion brand


MUTANI is a brand actualising aspirational identities - connecting online and offline personas through the wear of digi-physical fashion items. Taking inspiration from fandoms favourite characters in combination with high-creative fashion subcultures and trends. MUTANI hopes to serve diverse demographics in a way that is less geek - more chique. Galvanizing raw acts of self-expression across all realms with wearables more creative, comfortable and reflective of our inner worlds.

Kris Meeusen

Interactive installations designer


Kris Meeusen has been creating digital, interactive installations across the globe for 10 years. His work utilizes big data, human curiosity, and a tension between playfulness & functionality.

Aykan Umut

AI Artist


Artist who's experimenting with AI generated photography.

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