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WEB32 2024

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WEB32 takes you on an insipiring deepdive into WEB3 and the metaverse.

Expect inspiring talks from national and international Web3 builders, creatives and other visionaries.

Meet our local heroes, connect with the right community, creator or talent and discover what the metaverse and Web3 beholds for you or your company.

You’ll get insights on the status quo and next steps of Web3 and discover the endless opportunities of this new digital domain.

Art & Culture

Every token needs a visual and every visual will have a token. How is this digital canvas used for art and culture? And what does it mean for designers and creators?

Business & Marketing

Web3 opens up a whole new spectrum of business models for your brand and new ways to reach your audience.

Media & Entertainment

Tokenized media, eliminating fake news and owning assets of a storyline in gaming or film is only the beginning media and entertainment through blockchain.

Sustainability & Impact

How can we reduce our impact and act, produce or operate in a more sustainable way, through Web3?

Transactions & Technology

Blockchain is a technology based on immutible transactions, that can be the new backbone of data. How far can we push the tech?

This year we offer some areas with deeper focus, so you can explore the possibilities of topics that excite you even more.

Pioniers in the space sharing their knowledge. Everything you need to know as a brand or company.

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