The Impact of the New Internet - WEB32 ignites inspiration, innovation & reflection

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On Wednesday, September 27, the highly anticipated second edition of WEB32 took place at De Studio in Antwerp. This event, initiated by the Belgian Web3 community, has evolved into a true movement where professionals from various sectors discover the power of Web3 and explore the possibilities of blockchain technology in various application areas.

With around 300 attendees, this day demonstrated the enduring interest in Web3 in Belgium. WEB32 welcomed a wide range of participants, including entrepreneurs, innovation leaders, marketers, C-level management, students, software developers, creatives, Web3 insiders, and all other interested parties.

A valuable line-up

The program, consisting of keynotes, panel discussions, and masterclasses, introduced the audience to practical examples of blockchain applications. These included marketing, supply chain, real estate, as well as broader topics like sustainability, privacy, and culture.

A glimpse of the international program included speakers such as Robin Schmidt (founder BasedAF), Diego Borgo (metaverse strategist for Fortune 500 brands), John Karp (founder Non-Fungible Conference), Ozark Henry (artist), Jeanne Bloch (sustainability pioneer), Robin Wauters (founder, Dorien Bauwens (lead business development Athumi), Marijke Wouters (Venly), Maxim Piessen (Credix), Kevin De Mulder (Studio 100), and Philippe Ben Mohamed (Tomorrowland).

WEB32 provided professionals from different sectors with a platform to discover how Web3 can transform their fields and create value.

The Web3 Ecosystem

The event also clarified how Web3, blockchain, and related topics like the metaverse, NFTs, and AI are interconnected. In addition to the backbone of Web3 - blockchain, and its applications such as NFTs, new organizational models, and digital ownership - the event explored creative topics such as what the Web3 interface can look like (the metaverse) and how we can experience it (through VR, AR, AI, 3D, etc.). In short, it provided a canvas for reinventing how we interact with data, spaces, and each other.



WEB32 also offered ample opportunities to connect with experts in the field, allowing participants to expand their knowledge and networks. Networking and matchmaking are crucial for advancing Web3. Via Conversation Starter, attendees could easily find interesting conversation partners and schedule meetings.

Building the Future Together with the New Internet

The overarching theme throughout the day was that Web3 is more than just NFTs and digital collectibles - it is an essential tool for collectively addressing the complex challenges of today and building a better future.

This perspective was reinforced by the partners of this second edition of WEB32: City of Antwerp, MASJIEN, OG Studio, Venly, and supporting partners A.P./Studio, Chase, Decentraland, E-Gates, Hyperlabs, PLAYAR, PLUS-ONE Gallery, Philips TV & Sound, SiteManager, and Start it X.

"As a beacon of innovation and creativity, the City of Antwerp supports WEB32. Today, there are 48 startups in Flanders active in the field of Web3, with a combined value of more than 350 million euros. They make a significant contribution to the technological future of Flanders."

Erica Caluwaerts, Alderwoman for the City of Antwerp, responsible for economy, innovation, and digitalization.


WEB32 is a leading Web3 movement in Belgium that brings together professionals from all sectors to explore the possibilities of blockchain and Web3 technology. The event provides a platform for innovative ideas, discussions, and networking opportunities for participants from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, WEB32 also delivers media content for insights and education on Web3 topics, with a focus on domestic innovation.


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