Are gaming, Loyalty and Entertainment paving the way for Web3 & the Metaverse?

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Expanding on the roadmap to onboard the next billion users, industry veterans from Gaming, Loyalty and Entertainment argued that their sectors are on the brink of a revolution, ready to drive the mass adoption of Web3.

Entertainment industry leaders advocate for the subtle use of visual media like TV and movies as a means of onboarding mass consumers. Chris Jacquemin, head of digital strategy at WME, argued that mainstream adoption might not be a conscious decision for consumers, but will instead be facilitated through technology itself.

NFTs present unique opportunities in the realm of ticketing and loyalty programs. Experts suggest that artists could gain control over ticket distribution and incentivize fan engagement through NFTs. David Marcus, EVP of music at Ticketmaster, highlighted the potential of token-gated sales for artists to offer premium seats, pre-show experiences, or early access to tickets.

In the gaming sector, industry insiders spotlighted the "true ownership" that NFTs can provide to gamers for in-game assets, fostering value within and beyond the game. Spencer Tucker, chief gaming officer at Yuga Labs, emphasized the importance of rewarding gamers with interoperable utility for their investments in the gaming world.

Additionally, global sneaker giants are consistently forming alliances with both Web2 and Web3 brands to deliver digital collectibles to their vast fanbase. These partnerships exhibit practicality and artistry in their digital designs, proving the versatility of Web3 for worldwide brands.

Nike extended its digital frontier through a partnership that introduces its .SWOOSH experience to Fortnite’s user base of 240 million. The "Airphoria" collaboration with Fortnite creator Epic Games and branded game builder Beyond Creative will provide users with the option to link their digital items across the Fortnite and .SWOOSH platforms. This venture aims to integrate Nike's Air Max brand into Fortnite through cosmetics, Fortnite islands, and account synchronization between Nike and Epic.

Puma, another global sneaker powerhouse, announced the release of "GutterMelo MB.03" sneakers, bridging physical shoes to NFTs. This vibrant collaboration with Web3 streetwear brand Gutter Cat Gang and NBA player LaMelo Ball has generated significant buzz in the industry.

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