Web2 Media is Broken. The Future of Media is Tokenized.

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Visual of a Now Pass token.

Web2 Media Is Broken. The Future of Media Is Tokenized.
Quite a controversial take, but certainly an interesting one.

It’s the start of NFTNow's manifesto, a web3 media brand that recently launched the ‘Now Network’.

The Now Network aims to create a more inclusive and transparent ecosystem for media and reward community members for their engagement and feedback.

The Now Network breaks with the traditional media business model of ‘data selling’, generating clicks and luring traffic to their website with sensational headlines and clickbait. If the product (content) is free, you’re the product. And boy, we readers have been the product for quite some time.

The Now Network will not implement programmatic advertising or tracking pixels and cookies. Instead, the Now Network will use a community-centric media model and build a creator-friendly future through the Now Pass.

The Now Pass is a digital membership NFT that grants members (early) access to exclusive content, access to curated industry experts and builders, and online & offline events. Members will be incentivised to participate and give feedback in the content creation and curation process with on-chain voting.

The traditional ‘audience’ turns into an empowered community where members have a say in what gets covered, are rewarded for their participation and benefit from the Now Network’s success.

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