WEB32 and the City of Antwerp: A Partnership Fostering Web3 Innovation and Matchmaking

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WEB32, the leading Belgian web3 movement, has once again chosen Antwerp as its home base due to the city's unwavering commitment to innovation, vibrant energy, and a thriving business ecosystem.

WEB32's primary goal is to bring together the Belgian web3 community and shed light on the potential of web3 technologies. Collaboration is at the heart of WEB32's mission, emphasizing the collective efforts required to build a robust web3 landscape. The partnership with the City of Antwerp provides WEB32 with vital support and resources to achieve its vision.

Fuelling Economic Growth in Antwerp Through Innovation


Innovation is the driving force behind economic growth in cities, and the City of Antwerp understands its significance. Rather than simply supervising, the city actively fosters innovation by creating a supportive environment and facilitating growth. Antwerp's commitment to connectivity, matchmaking, and innovation is evident through financial support for innovative projects in digital, circular, health, fashion, and design sectors. Collaborative efforts with other entrepreneurs and stakeholders are also encouraged to strengthen the local business ecosystem.

Connecting Entrepreneurs and Companies for Success through Matchmaking


Matchmaking events serve as catalysts for connecting entrepreneurs with potential investors, clients, and talent. Recognizing their importance, the City of Antwerp allocates a yearly budget to financially support the organization of matchmaking events. This support empowers entrepreneurs to forge valuable connections, access necessary resources, and accelerate business growth.

With still a significant need for clear information, concrete cases, and the exchange of experiences around web3, a matchmaking event like WEB32 is crucial. As we target a professional audience and aim to bring people together to share knowledge and expertise, Antwerp is a perfect fit for WEB32.

WEB32: Empowering the Belgian Web3 Movement from Antwerp


WEB32's presence in Antwerp creates an environment conducive to exploring and advancing web3 technologies. By leveraging collaboration, innovation, and matchmaking, WEB32 aims to unlock the transformative potential of web3 for individuals and businesses.

While initially, we had to push the initiative with a small team, we now see people and companies approaching WEB32 with ideas and proposals for collaboration. It's gratifying to witness this organic growth, evolving into the first web3 event in Flanders and the largest in Belgium.

Partner with the City of Antwerp for Your Matchmaking Event


If you are planning a matchmaking event in Antwerp, the City of Antwerp offers a yearly budget to provide financial support. This support can significantly enhance the success of your event and foster valuable connections for entrepreneurs, investors, and talented individuals. By aligning with the city's commitment to innovation, connectivity, and matchmaking, you can create a dynamic environment that propels your business and contributes to the advancement of the web3 movement.

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