Floris Daelemans



There is nothing more beautiful, rich and inspiring than sound. Sure, it's a statement from someone who's life is simply embedded in sound, so it might be a biased opinion, but still. A soundscaped narrative jolts the imagination like no other means of storytelling, with its capability of creating a true theater of the mind. Music holds rhythm and emotion while anchoring itself to your memories, creating a soundtrack of life. A well-made podcast can be as captivating as any book, movie or fireside story. Or imagine a simple field recording of -let's say- a Christmas atmosphere with bells and carols, just close your eyes and listen.

If you ask Floris Daelemans the response will be very clear, sound is the way to go. As a radio host and podcaster at VRT Radio 1, one of the leading radio brands in Belgium's radio market, he is at the very core of what audio can do for stories. His expertise is focused around music, from all genres and eras, with a specific interest in the local Belgian music scene in all its diversity, which can be heard in his weekly radio show.

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