Isabel Van den Broeck

Creative Belgium


Isabel, founder and Managing Director of Creative Belgium since 2015, is in charge of working towards growth of the organization by building a strong community for creatives in Belgium. She loves connecting the dots between a conceptual idea and bringing that idea to reality.
orking closely with a small team and the board of directors she’s responsible for developing new and innovative campaigns and initiatives. The Creative Belgium Awards was globally the first award show to turn all their awards into NFT’s. In 2022, they launched the ‘Metalverse’, a virtual gallery for the NFT awards within the metaverse. 
“By converting our awards into NFTs, we have created a digital, indestructible identity for all the winners. An NFT award is a digitally and publicly available ‘proof of merit’, which will remain in existence forever. You can add it to your digital portfolio or CV. It is a first step to building up your professional identity in the metaverse.”

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