Lawrence Landeloos



Experiencing firsthand the power and visual beauty of digital 'on-chain' items, Lawrence, Jelle, and Francis decided to simplify the technology, making it accessible for everyone to use and experiment with. That's how Onegrid was born. The vision is clear: empowering brands and artists to build interactive, rewarding, and highly engaging fan experiences while offering new ways to monetize their work and forge exclusive connections with their audiences. 

Lawrence, originally from Belgium and currently residing in Madrid, has a passion for bringing new ideas to life, particularly focusing on on-chain economies, smart products, and interactive experiences. As a former principal and equity partner at the digital innovation studio VODW (acquired by EY) Lawrence assisted senior leaders in transforming their businesses and capturing new value through the development of innovative products and services.

Inspired by AI and driven by the desire to optimize information processing, Lawrence enjoys spending their free time building 'Wise,' an AI-powered business chatbot.



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