Leen Segers

Independent VC scout in Metaverse/Spatial/Web3; Co-founder Women in Immersive Tech Europe


Leen Segers is an investment manager and metaverse expert based in Brussels. She is an advisor to Metaverse-focused investment funds, including The VR Fund (Silicon Valley) and FOV Ventures (London/Finland). Previously she was the founder and CEO of LucidWeb, a software company that specializes in distributing cinematic experiences via WebVR. Leen is also a co-founder of Women in Immersive Tech Europe, an NGO based in Brussels, counting more than 6,000 members. Before starting her own company, Leen worked with Accenture and Netlog. After, she spent 4 years in London focused on video technology distribution working with Kaltura. Returning to Belgium, she was appointed COO with Tech.eu. Overall today, Leen Segers is a highly respected figure in the metaverse industry, known for her deep knowledge of both the technical and financial aspects of the industry.

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