Maarten Leyts



Maarten is the founder and CEO of Trendwolves, a trend agency with a focus on youth culture. The agency builds on research into early stage trends and youth communities. Within the agency he leads the department that translates trends into product, service and communication design. 

Driven by trend and youth research, he initiated the postgraduate course in Trendwatching and Future Studies at HoGent and is currently an Advisory Board member for youth for the American cultural strategy company Sparks&Honey. Rather out of curiosity and the link to youth culture, he founded BitBrussels, a Web3 ducation and inspiration event.

He is currently working on a brand new trend platform and accompanies retailers in their search for trends and inspiration during trend tours in East Asia. In the autumn he will launch a book about the up-and-coming micro-generation ZAlpha.

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