Maka De Lameillieure

iVeria & VIVES


Maka De Lameillieure is a technology enthusiast. Drawing upon her engineering background, she explores the boundless potential of technologies and their impacts on society and the economy. As a co-founder of iVeria, a company specializing in digital transformation, she is at the forefront of harnessing technology's transformative power.

Furthermore, Maka shares her expertise as a Digitalization and Valorization expert at VIVES University of Applied Sciences, where she actively integrates technology and innovation into education and research. 

Maka De Lameillieure began her professional journey at the  Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications in Berlin, Germany. Her career transitioned from academia to industry leading her through Philips' R&D department and subsequently to Flanders InShape, where she assumed the role of general manager. Later on,  Maka took on responsibilities as a professor specializing in innovation and digital transformation, a Director of Research & Valorization, and became a member of  the executive committee at Antwerp Management School. Maka also holds positions on the boards of various organizations and she is the author of several books in the field of management. Her most recent publication, "Blockchain is of Vital Importance - Challenges for Government and Education in the Low Countries," was released in December 2020.

She is also a Member of the advisory council of the Flemish government for digital transformation within the framework of the Flemish Resilience recovery plan.

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