Pieter-Jan Rombaut

Pieter-Jan Rombaut is WEB32 host x curator. He welcomes you to the most important topics we need to talk about to use Web3 technology to make our lives better.

With PURPOSE he tries to help organizations & enterprises to revitalize their ‘raison d’etre’. People want to know WHAT you do, but fall in love with WHY you do it.  Most organizations & enterprises don’t have a clear view on that in these ever changing times. Furthermore he helps to create a plan that works to get that job done.

As a creative & technological evangelist, he is at the forefront of making the world better and more beautiful with all new possibilities this age has to offer. He produces music, events and audiovisual stories to inspire, inform & connect people.

Since 2023, Pieter-Jan is part of INNOCOM, the top agency for leading enterprise transformations.

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