Pieter Van Leugenhagen



Pieter Van Leugenhagen is an all-round entrepreneur, public speaker and marketer with a penchant for immersive experiences. As co-founder and managing partner at yondr, Pieter is a true immersive marketing evangelist, and a visionary strategist at that. He’s been at the helm of virtual reality entrepreneurship since 2014, successfully venturing beyond the gimmick.

Prior to his VR endeavors, Pieter began his career at MTV and earned his stripes in PR and digital media. Before founding yondr in 2014, he had already built his successful digital agency commefort from scratch. His co-workers describe him as tenacious and empathic, with a great nose for solid business opportunities.

Over the past few years, he has helped the likes of Volvo, Barco, Coca-Cola, Unibet, ING, New Balance, Nike, Deloitte, One+, Plan International, Warner Music, ... and countless others to turn VR/AR, Virtual Worlds and 3D-Interactive-Immersive experiences into engaging and valuable brand experiences.

Pieter spends his free time enjoying sports, music, traveling and living the good life.




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