Raoul Ullens

Co-Founder of the Brussels Blockchain Week and Co-Founder of Gratiago


Raoul is a Belgian expert in the Web3 and blockchain sector, co-founding the prominent Brussels Blockchain Week and Gratiago. Gratiago, a healthcare startup, utilizes Web3 technologies to safeguard social security and encourage patients to become more responsible in their healthcare management.

Initially carving out his career at Bain & Company before venturing into the realm of VC with NOIA Capital, Raoul has accumulated a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic interplay between business and technology. However, his true passion lies in bridging the divide between business, policy, and Web3 entrepreneurship. He is particularly dedicated to fostering sustainable token economies, promoting a revolutionary approach to value distribution.

Raoul's academic background includes studying modern Chinese history at Oxford University and economics at Maastricht University, providing him a broad perspective on global trends and economic forces. His keen interest in macroeconomics and the potential of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) also shapes his innovative work in the blockchain space.

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