Stefan Colins

Head of Business Strategy at Venly


As the Head of Business Strategy, Stefan brings a unique blend of strategic acumen and technological expertise to the forefront. With a profound passion for Metaverses, blockchain gaming, NFTs, and emerging technologies, he is at the cutting edge of the industry's most exciting frontiers.  

Stefan recognizes that devising the right Metaverse strategy will be a paramount challenge for many companies and brands in the near future. He is a firm advocate for the synergistic integration of blockchain, gaming technology, and cryptocurrency, seeing them as key drivers of business innovation. 

With a conviction that the fusion of blockchain and gaming within "the Metaverse" will not only become monumental in the coming years but is here to stay, Stefan's leadership is poised to guide businesses through this transformative era. His insights and vision are instrumental in shaping strategies that leverage these technologies to create lasting value and growth.





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